Annotated Essay : Updating Our School

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Updating our school
As a potential administrator who is employed in an urban educational setting there are several organizational changes that would apply to the environment I work in. The Middle school that I am currently employed is located in the Metro area of Jackson Mississippi. The school has a total student body of 460 students, 47 teachers, and staff workers. There are 146 sixth graders, 156 seventh graders, and 152 eighth graders in the school. The majority of the student population is African American, with a less than 5 % ratio of Caucasian, Hispanic, and other races. Academically the school currently has an F rating, which will place the school in school improvement if nothing changes soon. The school urban location has …show more content…

If you think there is cause to modify your mission statement, it is likely for this reason. If your mission statement is not concise or clear: Your mission statement is meant for both internal and external audiences. It must reflect your organization’s purpose in an understandable and memorable way ( Stuecher 2011) . If an employee of your organization would have a difficult time reciting your mission statement, it likely needs to be reconsidered. This does not mean the essence of a mission needs to change; simply the way it is stated can be improved (Stuecher 2011) .
When did you last revisit your organization’s mission statement? After revising the mission statement of the school it has a very positive message and its easy fairly easy to memorize, one factor that dawned on my perception of the mission is does it truly apply or relate to a school that is located in an impoverished area and has a majority of student body whose family members who may only have received a high school diploma or less? I believe that those factors play a vital role in the development of a mission statement, which may require some revising of the current mission statement.

Guide 2: School Safety policy revision
After reviewing the safety procedures of the school and its district’s policies on safety, even though the superintendent has some accountability when it comes to school safety .Most of the

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