Anomic And Egoistic Suicide

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the degree of an individual’s integration or relationship with his or her society. These four types of suicides are egoistic, altruistic, anomic and fatalistic suicides (Durkheim, 1897). Egoistic Suicide
By Durkheim’s principle of integration, egoistic suicide is caused by deficient integration with the society, that is to say, that people who commit suicide do so because they lack proper connection with their immediate society and also with the members of the society. Owing to this low or sometimes absolute lack of integration, such persons feel marginalized, or that they are not accepted in the society may be because they are seen as outcasts, refugees, or as strangers; it could also be a feeling that their presence is neither appreciated nor their needs supported by the society. This feeling according to Durkheim gives way to individualism, isolation and ultimately the individual becomes a prey to suicide (Durkheim, 1897). Supporting the view of Durkheim, Elizabeth Wilkins also considers egoistic suicide as a consequence of abnormal degree of individualism. This total withdrawal to oneself and its attendant lack of social network makes the individual to easily succumb to any slightest discomfort or shock or awful circumstances thus, exposing the individual to suicidal behavior or any form of self-destructive acts (Wilkins, 1979). …show more content…

In the words of Durkheim, “It is a well-known fact that economic crises have an aggravating effect on the suicidal tendency.” This type of suicide occurs often during economic instability or disturbances, it could be economic boom or disaster, at this time also the society is unable to regulate the social and moral behaviours of the individuals, as a result, the individuals become frustrated as their dreams and aspirations can no longer be achieved (Durkheim,

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