Anorexi A Call For Help

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Anorexia: A Call for Help

Many people are not sure what it means to have or be around someone who has Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia is one of the leading causes of death in young women, and a crippling mental illness that can potentially ruin a person’s life (Kranz and Maloney 8). About one in 250 girls has suffered with some type of eating disorder at a point in their lives. This disease is taking over the lives of many young women, and we need to help stop it. Anorexia, which comes from the Greek words an- meaning without and orexis which means appetite is a very complicated eating disorder. An eating disorder is a condition in where a person becomes obsessed with food, whether it is avoiding food or overeating. The eating disorder anorexia is a disease in which a person is overly obsessed with counting calories and is 10-15% below the average weight. Counting calories is one of the main ways people with anorexia keep their weight down. The anorexic can become so obsessed with counting calories that she soon does not have time for anything else. Being 10-15% below the average body weight isn’t the only thing that happens to an anorexic. Females often start to have irregular or no menstrual cycle at all (Harmon 32). This tends to happen once the body has lost a certain amount of fat and cannot afford to lose anymore nutrients. Anorexia is a complicated eating disorder that we are beginning to learn more about everyday. It’s not exactly certain as to why…

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