Another Boring Assembly Was In The Making As I Walked Into

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Another boring assembly was in the making as I walked into my junior high school gymnasium. My best friend at the time, Kelsey, was very excited because the Valencia high school color guard was going to perform one of their routines in an attempt to get people to join the team. She was already on the guard, hence her motivation to attend this assembly. Before this point, I did not know color guard even existed. According to Kelsey, color guard is a performing art in which a team performs a dance routine centered around the use of flags, rifles, and sabers. Both her insistence and the awe-inspiring performance of the guard moved me to join the team my freshman year of high school. Even though we did not win at championships, it was overall …show more content…

In the end, we did not get into the top tier and did not win any awards that year. The head instructors even chose to not criticize me for my drastic mistake, for they all knew it was all over and I was in a dismal state of mind anyway. From that championship on, I had to work especially hard to reclaim the trust of my instructors. Looking back, I can see now how hard it is to get someone’s trust back once it is lost. I practiced relentlessly throughout high school and was the best person on the saber line. Or I would have been the best, but I could never be consistent, which is one of the most important skills to have in color guard. I would throw my saber and catch a difficult toss ten times in a row perfectly, then the next day drop it three times. Due to the inconsistency, as well as my history of crumbling under pressure, my instructors would not allow me another solo toss on my color guard team again. My experience has left a scar in my mind, to which I owe my persistence to not make promises I cannot keep. The best way to keep someone’s trust is to not break your promises to them. I inadvertently made a promise to my instructors that they could trust me to catch my toss in our show when all focus is centered on me. I let them down, therefore I was left to deal with the consequences. Due to my hard work, I eventually came to prove to my instructors that I could toss beautiful tosses, but

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