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Final Examination mph 0103 Fall 2013 This final exam is to be taken on the honor system. Take the exam without opening books, lecture notes or other source material. When completed, email it to the instructor and the TA and you will receive a confirmation email that it was received. Part 1 - 60 points 1. Managers generally respond to the question “What do you do?” in several different ways. How would you respond to the question? List and explain your choices. For any organization manager is at important position to plan and organize the ideas. Control and direct the staff towards common goal and pick right person for right position. This is what I will do as a manager. 1) Planning: It is essential to conceptualize entire idea…show more content…
I will make sure team is going in right direction for achieving the common goal. This will make highly efficient team that can reach the desire goals in minimum time. 5) SWOT analysis: To evaluate organizations position and can make necessary changes. 6) Resolving conflicts: Make discussion forum to resolve conflicts within team. 2. You have been asked to lead a team of physicians, nurses, social workers and technicians. List the first four actions you would take to help promote the teams’ effectiveness and explain your choices. To lead the team of a team of physicians, nurses, social workers and technicians, the actions I would take to help promote the teams' effectiveness is: 1) Right person at right place for the right job: (Find a near to perfect fit) If the team member is not compatible for the designed post make sure he makes changes in himself to fit in the job. Or assign him a new post where he fits. Get feedback reviews from each member how they feel about others or what they suggest for change. Make environment enough confortable to ensure maximum outcome. Positive re-enforcements will encourage the team to work batter. Making sure team members understands each other. 2) Strong and clear “chain of command”: Making a strong chain of command and making sure that is understood and followed by the team members. This will build team confidence of their responsibilities and trust among the team members. This
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