Essay on Anthem: Collectivist Societies are Unfair

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More and more society is leaning toward collectivism. Slowly, people's individual rights are clearly being restricted. Objectivist societies are not perfect either, but they are much less restrictive than collectivist societies. A compromise of the two philosophies would make the ideal society. Although collectivist societies are becoming more prevalent in the modern world, they are morally wrong because they limit the freedom of the individual. Collectivist societies are unfair because they take away peoples rights. People should have the right to make most of their own choices. In collectivist societies, people get minimal choices. “And we looked straight into the eyes of the Council, but their eyes were cold as blue glass buttons. So …show more content…

More and more collectivist societies are shaping around the world. In America, everyone has to pay some sort of tax. It is mandatory and if someone does not pay their tax, they will have one or some of their possessions taken away. There are many laws that are in place that everyone must follow. Most of them are fair but most limit peoples choices. “When we were five years old, we were sent to the Home of the Students where there are ten wards for our ten years of learning.” (Rand 20) In both America and Anthem, people are forced to go to school. In the U.S. a law suite will be brought up against a family that does not send their child to school for so many days without an excuse. This is not fair because some parents do not believe their children need an education and only need to learn life skills. Slowly, modern society is going corrupt and turning into a collectivist society. Collectivist societies are becoming more prevalent in the modern world. Although collectivism is morally wrong, America is becoming more collectivist. Slowly, people are losing more rights to become am individual. In Anthem, the society is so extremely collectivist to the point of people having their jobs chosen and are whipped are killed for being too smart. America has not become as morally extreme as this, but is it possible that some day America will evolve into the society

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