Anthocyanins Research Paper

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Anthocyanins in foods also provide advantages in anti-cancer, liver protection, reduction of coronary heart disease and improved visual acuity applications (Timberlake and Henry, 1988; Francis, 1989; Mazza and Miniati, 1993; Bridle and Timberlake, 1997). This class of phytochemicals is used in the food and pharmacological industries because of their anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties (Espin et al. 2000, Tsai et al. 2002). Anthocyanins are characterized as having an electron deficiency due to their particular chemical structure, which makes them very reactive toward free radicals present in the body, consequently enabling them to be powerful natural antioxidants (Galvano, 2005). Extracted phenolic contents and anthocyanins
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