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Stone 1 Sam Stone Sepetember 20, 2010 Global Encounters Letter to Medical Students Medical school’s purpose is to prepare students to become doctors, allowing them to have a positive impact on their patients’ lives. However, medical school is bias with its teaching, because it believes its’ methods are the only way to treat medical problems. This idea is becoming more problematic with the diverse cultures coming to America. With each culture comes more boundaries for biomedicine to face. Instead of trying to cross these boundaries, biomedicine strictly believes that their knowledge of medicine is far superior to other cultures. The problems that occur due to these barriers could be overcome if the doctors were able to…show more content…
They will not recover until the lost soul has been returned back to them. In order to retrieve their life soul they must have a Shaman come visit them at their home. The Shaman represents the Hmong’s version of a doctor. Shamans can be described as “people who perform spiritual/physical healing roles in societies with notion of ‘soul loss’ ” (Van Hollen, September 20, 2010). Unlike doctors, Shamans’ are believed to have “powers to cross boundaries between human and spiritual world” (Van Hollen, September 20, 2010). The Shaman uses their powers to go into the spiritual world, and try to return the lost soul to the sick patient so that they can be well again. By making home visits, they allow their patients to have a sense of security in their home environment during the healing process. Security can also be exhibited through conversation. Doctors should be aware of who they are communicating with because this will dictate how they converse with them. Since the younger generation finds it much easier to assimilate to our American culture than the older generation does doctors can be more open with their practices. The reason for this is because they grew up with other American children, and they do not want to be looked at as an outcast. This idea can be seen in the film The Split Horn. Paja Thao stone 4 becomes upset because he believes that his family is losing touch with their own culture. As his daughter Chai Thao states “Dad is
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