Anthropology Personal Statement

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“Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies, which helps us understand ‘Human’ better. And you will have classes on different topics and fieldwork to learn about Anthropology.” the professor introduced the concept of Anthropology in my first class in my college life, which indicated the importance of combining course learning with the practice of field work. This first impression of Anthropology has greatly influenced my studies in the next three years. I tried to attend all kinds of research covering different topics that were important in this academic area and only after the process of practicing, failing, reflecting and learning can I get closer to this academic field.

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I am equipped with the abilities of literature studies, field work and essay writing, which helps me a lot in doing social research. As I was born and brought up in a small village in Southwestern China, my cultural background and language skills have also enabled me to have a keen sense of the society and a sense of better understanding of the society. Apart from academic competence and considerable research experience, my efficient learning and fruitful social experience will also help me succeed in postgraduate study. In my sophomore and senior year, I respectively served as the secretary general of Environmental Protection Association of SYSU(South Campus), the chief editor of SYSU YOUTH, and the coordinator intern of China Youth Climate Action Network. This means that I had to balance my study and social activities and distribute time to them in the most efficient way. Yet I still won scholarships and successfully completed every mission of these organizations, where I also make good use of some anthropological knowledge and

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