Anti / Area Denial Assets

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Anti -access/area denial assets are expanding at a rapid rate as other countries and groups seek to prevent United States power projection globally. In previous conflicts, especially during the Cold War, the way for the U.S. to win was to utilize better technology and employ it to prevent the enemy’s maneuverability. During the cold war, the US had the advantage over the Soviet Union due to power projection of weapons; they developed a better strategy and understanding of the most likely avenues of combat on the battlefield, and intelligence technology that allowed better capabilities to determine the enemy’s capabilities. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, conventional means of intelligence collection was hindered by the drawdown of US military forces, mainly in Europe and other countries in Asia, and allowed US adversaries to obtain advanced technology. “This reduction of US military power projection in those regions has led to equaling the battlefield against future operations and puts the US at a disadvantage as the loss of major intelligence capabilities crippled its oversight in those particular regions .” It also weakens future intelligence gathering networks, possibly future operations, and impacts policymakers’ foreign policy decisions. How will anti-access/area denial impact United States forces’ intelligence assets in future conflicts? I believe that intelligence assets and capabilities have to be identified within their respective components, rather than

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