Anti Islam Sentiments On American Culture Essay

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Though there is a seemingly massive amount of people who have just now come out with anti-Islam sentiments, it is clear that this is not really the case. Citing the radical policy suggestions and bans suggested by Donald Trump, there is also reference to American history and how the citizens of America are, unlike Europe and Asia, products of immigrants who chose to come to America (aside from slaves and Native Americans). Citing journalist Rose Wilder Lane in 1936, they take her quote that says Americans are “The most reckless and lawless of peoples…we are also the most imaginative, the most temperamental, the most infinitely varied” . The idea is not that American ethnocentrism is a product of immigrants establishing a hierarchy to benefit those that are in the majority. The report also provides a chart that encompasses attitudes of Muslims toward Americans and Americans toward Muslims (Figure 5) . From the chart we can see that Muslims have a significantly more negative view of Americans than Americans do of them, which again can be attributed to media attention and different international decisions that affect the world. Though the report it is obvious that there is a disconnect between those that agree with the discrimination of Muslims in society and those that oppose it. But from the report is seems rather clear that the rise is ISIS, the Presidential election, and the United States call for surveillance on Muslims have created a sense of distrust among those that

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