Anti School Research Paper

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That great journey that kids are forced to take every morning is to a place called school. School is meant to be helpful, informational, and beneficial, but does the complete opposite. Teachers are lying to kids and feeding them false information that won't help them when they are old enough to be on their own. This type of education will only be the result of less than smart adults, false priorities and simply just a waste of time for teachers and students. Teachers are teaching based on the thousands of test they will give and won't matter years from now. This false sense of teaching only helps the administrator's pockets grow fat from the growth of student enrollment. School should expand what they teach to information that will be useful, but since this won't happen until a billion years students will be better off dropping out before their …show more content…

I know you, critics, out there must be telling yourselves that your student will become dumb. But don't worry dumb is the new smart therefore society will grow to accept the less than smart adult. The anti-school would only do more good than regular school. The first advantage is self-expression, when a child is stress-free they are able to be themselves. When a child is put under a lot of stress it can become frustrating and cause the child to not want to participate in school. This helps a child's confidence because they don't have to compete with another student about who is the smartest. Everyone will be on the same level. The second advantage is saving your time, when you go to school for 7 hours not getting anything from it then it is a waste of the students time and the teacher's time. The third advantage is no discrimination, you will be able to get any job you want because there will be no education requirement. The no education requirement would help the kids of the future put more money in their pockets and who doesn't love more

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