Anti-Slavery Society Vs. American Colonization Society

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An objective for a group to free slaves and pay for them to be relocated in Africa, is a one of the most influential ways to start an end towards slavery. This group is called the American Colonization Society. If the support from local and state branches, churches, and federal government are contributing to provide funds to this cause, it is one way to prove that this is something that should happen. Think about it, African Americans could enjoy all the advantages of society, self-government, eligibility to office, and freedom from the degradation arising from an inferiority of caste.

I strongly disagree with slavery. It is clear that I am for the American Anti-Slavery Society to contribute funds for the colonization. Slavery has been …show more content…

One reason for someone to oppose is because for the slaves that were born in America are more inclined to stay in the country they are from. This contribution could make the African Americans feel forced to move to a country they are not familiar with. All the slaves that have worked hard to build the land deserve the freedom where they are from. Others could say and believe that its true intent was to drain off the best of the free black population and preserve the institution of slavery. Finally, when people see that this plan could work it is going to cost money to buy substantial numbers of people for their freedom. This means that the price of enslaved people will increase and soon after this situation, it can create problems on how we are going to fund this contribution and who we are going to decide that will participate in this or not.

To conclude, I completely agree with the American Anti-Slavery contributing funds for colonization and allowing its name to be used in this effort. Besides the reasons for people who oppose, this is one influential way to slowly end slavery. This is showing the nation that not everyone is for racism, everyone is changing and not everything is based on the color of your skin. Slavery has gone on for way too long and from this point it is time to use any situation to help end this

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