Antigone : A Greek Tragic Playwright

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Antigone is a Greek tragic playwright, set in a classical era of time. During this period, the city of Thebes is completely organized around strict gender roles and religion. There are also expectations that the citizens are expected to meet through abiding by the rules. In this regard, this essay will look at the playwright, on aspects touching on the issues of interest, the historical context, the insight gained among others.
The situation of the two sisters: Antigone and Ismene, who are comforting each after losing their brothers in the same battle invokes a melancholic mood. It is a feeling of sadness following the demise of their brothers. They lack any form support from their friends or the state. The rites of their brother’s burial …show more content…

The king demands him to find the culprit failure to which he faces death. War is used to defend the state; those who bring hate in the state are killed in broad daylight.

In historical context, a greater understanding of the rationale behind Creon and Antigone’s actions can be gotten from a historical analysis of this period. The historical time was during the 441BC; it is the period in which two brothers goes into war but die while fighting. One of the brothers is viewed as a rebel bringing into conclusion that no burial rites should be performed. King Creon is a dictator hence showing the dangers of the absolute ruling at the time. Creon allowed few people to speak openly giving out their options without being biased. Antigone tries to defy Creon’s order by burying her brother. At this particular time, freedom of expression is limited hence the rule of law is not democratic.
An Analysis of the Work
Antigone is a courageous girl with high family values. Antigone attempts to convince her sister Ismene to assist her in burying their brother Polyneices. Ismene refuses due to fear for her life if she tried to defy the king`s order. Antigone remains focused on ensuring that her brother receives a proper burial no matter the consequences of her actions. Polyneices is considered a disgrace to the state since he led a siege to his state. The king declares that Polyneices remains should be left in the open, fed on by

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