Antigone Character Analysis

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Antigone’s Disastrous Actions When a ruler frightens his society, people tend to keep their feelings and opinions to themselves, muted by fear, they become hostile towards their ruler. This will lead to rebellions. In Sophocles’ tragic play, Antigone, the main character, a young stubborn woman named Antigone goes against her uncle Creon. Creon is the king of Thebes, the city in which they live. Antigone’s brother Polyneices tried to take over the city of Thebes but Eteocles, Antigone’s other brother stopped him. During the battle, they kill each other. Eteocles was given an honorable burial but since Polyneices was seen as an enemy he was left to rot on the streets by Creon who placed an edict to not allow a person to bury him. Antigone becomes furious and tries to bury him, but she is caught and sentenced to “death” as the reader advances through Antigone, it ends up noticeably clear by the plot twists that the play is a tragedy on the most fundamental level. Antigone is willing to suffer the consequences in order to do what is morally right, going through with actions like civil disobedience and insolence. As the play progresses, Antigone’s actions quickly start to become stubborn, this can be seen when she is attempting to convince her sister Ismene to help her bury their brother, when Ismene refuses Antigone decides to stand by her brother’s side, Ismene still doesn't want Antigone to do it so she tells Antigone she can keep her actions secret she tells her to”Shout

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