Anxiety Disorders Case Summary

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The patient is a 70-year-old female that presents to the ED complaining of right upper quadrant pain and nausea with sudden onset. The patient is known to be diabetic, fibromyalgia, has morbid obesity, and sleep apnea. She also is complaining of some chest pain and on presentation initial troponins were 0.032. She therefore is seen in consultation by Dr. Atul Prakash and the patient undergoes a stress test approximately 3 weeks ago after having presented to the ED with a similar complaints. Stress test was interpreted as normal. It is to be noted she has CO2 retention having PCO2 of 51. She is dehydrated having a urine specific gravity greater than 1030. On ultrasound she is noted to have cholelithiasis, fatty liver and mesenteric panniculitis.

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