Anxiety Management Techniques

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Top 5 Anxiety Management Techniques
By Valerie Parson
Aug 12, 2010
Among the major causes of anxiety include problems, frustrations, and obstacles that seem natural in life. Surely, if you are clueless in handling these matters, it can lead to more grave problems such as certain mental illnesses and other stress-related disorders. What's more is that if you do not do something about these problems, you can even suffer from losing everything you have worked so hard for. So to secure your sound mental and physical health, you can do some anxiety management programs. There are also some stress debriefing activities that you can do that address traumatic and stressful experiences. You have the power to control your anxiety and prevent it from ruining your life while you can still save it.

1. Some relaxation techniques would help. Combating anxiety can be done by doing effective relaxation
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Regular exercise always help. Did you know that stress can also be released through exercising? Well, anxiety can also be dealt with by having regular exercise to let you channel the distractions and frustrations in your mind. Your body will also benefit since you physically release stress into energy through exercise. Cells will also be rejuvenated to give you the glow that you need.

3. Know the technique of deep breathing. The art of breathing can also save you from anxiety. Slowly breathing deep with your abdomen and diaphragm is one anxiety management technique that is so simple yet very effective. Alternately count from 1 to 10 while doing deep breathing. You will eventually notice the feeling of calmness for both your mind and body. So fight stress the natural way by deep breathing.

4. Exercise your mind. To stay sharp and focused, engage in mental exercises such as crossword puzzles, picture puzzles, and Sudoku. This will not only relieve your anxiety, this will also take your mind away from your worries and eventually, these activities will help clear your
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