Anxiety Persuasive Speech

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how they are doing on the unit, if they have any questions. If a student asks you for help don’t make them feel stupid, then ask why they don’t ask anymore questions.
Parents need to stop putting so much pressure on their children i can gurantee if your child is dealing with anxiety they don’t need another person worrying and nagging them about school or chores etc. During anxiety, behaviour might take different shapes – aggression, tantrums, avoidance, clinginess – but it is all driven by a brain in fight or flight. What your child needs more than anything in that moment is to feel safe. Your tone, volume, and physically positioning yourself on their level will all help to communicate this. Be as calm, soothing and supportive as you can be. Responding any other way will inflame a brain that is already feeling vulnerable. If you’re child is constantly feeling vulnerable why make it worse?
What people with anxiety need to know is You have an interesting and different and wonderful way of looking at things, You’re brave. And strong. And determined Anxiety feels like a big barrier, but even with that, you’re able to push through it and do things that feel scary. That takes determination, strength and courage – and you have loads of all of them. People with anxiety are some of the bravest people on the planet because even when things feel
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I will not let this take my life away from me, i wont let it win. I have thoughts that are powerful and sometimes little thoughts can be big worries and before you know it, they’re controlling the way you feel and the things you do. But throughout those little worries come my big thoughts and life experiances. Throughout highschool ive realized that i can’t have this control me, i can’t sit and worry my whole life. What fun would that be right? Ive learned to cope and deal and i really hope people will be able to start to understand it and see what alot of people go through
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