Anxiety Vs Cbt

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An estimated three hundred and fifty thousand people have been diagnosed with depression and an approximately 3.3 million have been diagnosed with anxiety. Usually anxiety and depression go hand in hand. Most people can get mixed up between the two depending on the types because they can be similar. There are quite a few differences between anxiety and depression. Even though when trying to diagnosis them they can be very similar. Depression makes you have feelings of hopelessness, despair and anger. A depressed person's energy levels are low and often feel overwhelmed with tasks that people usually do for everyday things. A person with anxiety experiences fear, panic or anxiety in situations normal people do not. they can also have panic …show more content…

Anxiety is treated in a few ways, the most common is medication as well as depression. For people with anxiety they also have something called Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a psychotherapy that helps you with the mistakes that make you anxious. for example saying “what if i have an anxiety attack on my way home” is causing your brain to let that more likely happen. Depression can also be treated by CBT but this for depression is different they speak about their feelings and as they get thoughts throughout the day they are supposed to write it down in a notebook and share the next time they go. Coping skills are just way different for different people it just depends how you like to fix things. for instance say a person when they’re sad they like to be a lone or work out those are different coping skills people with depression try. Anxiety is a little different when a person is anxious they usually don’t go work out they breath drink water and try not to have a panic attack. There are many different types of anxiety and depression. For anxiety there is everyday anxiety and just plain anxiety. Everyday anxiety consists of worrying about paying bills, getting a job or romantic breakups. For example, Embarrassment or self conscious in an awkward situation or nerves such as sweating before a big test or an event. A realistic fear of an object, place and situation. With Anxiety disorder there is

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