Anxiety Review Paper

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School can be someone’s favorite thing or their scariest nightmare, it just depends on how they handle it. Anxiety is normal and even healthy; it boosts students to get their work done. In other cases, anxiety can be too much and it starts to put a strain on the students’ learning abilities. In many instances, you cannot understand why you are anxious, so finding a solution is troublesome (Ormrod. 2008). Many people struggle with general anxiety, test anxiety, and mathematical anxiety. The purpose of this paper is to review the facts about how anxiety correlates with school performance.
According to Carey, Devine, Hill, and Szűcs (2017), math anxiety occurs while dealing with mathematics, test anxiety is shown in evaluative settings, and general anxiety is when someone has anxiety at any given scenario. Each of these forms of anxiety may seem to be correlated, but there is a distinct difference in them. Students with higher levels of math anxiety tend to have other forms of anxiety. One student may have all three, while others only struggle with one. Students from the fourth grade and seventh and eighth grade were studied. A latent profile analysis (LPA) was used in this study to examine the changes in anxiety amongst
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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health illness in children. These disorders can drastically interfere with social life, academic performance, and development of social skills (Mazzone, Ducci, Scoto, Passaniti, Arrigo, & Vitiello, 2007). Mychailyzyn, Mendez, and Kendall (2010) also studied the school performance of children with and without anxiety and saw how they differed. The teachers would rate their students’ classroom behavior; this report showed comparison of anxiety at home and in school. Like many other studies found, Mychailyzyn et al. (2010) concluded that children struggling with anxiety did have higher risks of struggling in a school
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