Ap World History Sugar Trade Dbq

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The sugar trade was driven by its easy accessibility of slaves, land, and the sugar itself. Due to these characteristics the sugar trade flourished greatly through much of the world. Slaves were a main reason for the increase in sugar crops. The trading of slaves was already increasing at the time and therefore made obtaining them even easier. Document 10 show the correlation between slave population and sugar produced. It demonstrates how an increase in slaves produced an increase in sugar. Slaves provided a simple and easy way to maintain the sugar crops. Document 11 lists items that English merchants used to purchase slaves. The list includes ordinary things such as powder, toys, and brass pans that could be bought in markets. …show more content…

Also, this far way land allowed owners of the plantations to perform their business easily by having other people do the work for them. Document 7 lists four of the largest plantation owners of the Caribbean. In each description it states that the owners were absentees, meaning they indeed performed their business from England rather than at the site. The lands of the Caribbean allowed sugar

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