Appeal For Customers Outside Of Market

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Appeal to Customers Outside of Market The three-tiers of non-customers entail first-tier: soon-to-be, second-tier: refusing, and third-tier: unexplored (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005). With these tiers comes an explicit illustration of where companies stand within their market and how to overcome potential hurdles that could hinder continual consumer growth and market potential. The non-customers of Facebook could become part of the market that utilizes Facebook with the right strategy in place. Facebook has a first-tier of non-customers which consists of consumers who utilize other social networking websites like Google+ and Myspace but are unsure of the Facebook brand. With consumers who spend more time “reading newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio, or even watching television” (Sherman, 2014, para. 3), determining the correct plan of attack to reach non-customers who utilize other social networking websites more than Facebook may seem challenging. However, Facebook can appeal to the first-tier of non-customers by using local contributors for advertising or connect various social media channels via content and advertising (Thomas, 2013). The second-tier of non-customers for Facebook consists of consumers who have numerous ways of accessing the internet but choose not to utilize any form of social networking websites. In order to appeal to the second-tier of non-customers for Facebook, relevant content for user specific regions could be beneficial (Thomas, 2013).

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