Apple As A Multinational Company

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A multinational corporation houses other offices and factories in different countries and regions (Investopedia.,2014). In addition, these corporations tend to have a centralized office where global management is carried out. Becoming a multinational corporation has the advantages of vertical and horizontal economies of scale as well increased market share due to the increased outputs (Investopedia.,2014). To contrast these corporations can be portrayed as entities that seek political and economic control. While this perception is not always the case it does occasionally occur because big businesses can impact the countries they are in.
The very name brands that provide the products American people have come so accustomed to using are likely to come from these multinational corporations. Adidas, Nike, Nintendo, Google, Honda, Red Bull and Apple are just some examples of multinational corporations. These are strong dominating companies which further impact their industry and shape the way people choose to allocate their funds. This paper will discuss the corporation Apple and how is has become the successful multinational corporation is it today.
Apple was first founded on April 1, 1976. Since this day, the corporation has become one of much success. Even though Apple does not have full control over the markets it is in, the corporation has a vast amount of market share and customer loyalty. Furthermore, they have a large impact in regards to the pricing in the smartphone

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