Apple : The Invention Of New Products And Service Usually Via R & D

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Apple is a computer based company who are well known for their innovation, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released the Apple 1 in 1976 (Mary Bellis) this was their first invention, this computer was the first single circuit board and it was just the beginning. They have now sold 365 million digital devices in the last 5 years and averaging $4 billion in monthly profit according to Business time. So the question becomes what has given apple this position of strength and the answer is there fantastic innovation, so what has caused their ability to churn out high quality amount innovation. Innovation Innovation refers to “creation of new products and service usually via R&D” (David Johnson,2001) there are four types of innovation these are …show more content…

Looking at an interview with Justin Maxwell he states no one talks about Apple outside of Apple, they create a culture where the idea is “you are part of something much bigger than you”(Jim Edwards 2013) This agrees with Hofstedes theory who states “culture is the collective programming of the human mind” (1981,p.24) This completely agrees with the interview, they feel like they are part of something bigger. This is also agreed with Brandon Carson who talks about how he always had to present his work to peers for them to judge and it ensures all work is done as a group effort and this is a recipe for success and even states “more companies need to operate like that internally” This shows the power of mind and culture that has been created at Apple and this culture creates strength. Tim Cook even described apple as containing a “culture of innovation” and that their belief has no limits. As a CEO this strong motivation for workers listening to this, and therefore it becomes easier to see how their culture really helps innovation, it is created in the mind-set of the workers. Apples culture is summed up by their out spoken present CEO and also past. Steve Job in 2007 in an interview famously stated “I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check” this statement really made the world look up and take notice, The apple culture is simply more about money and they are stated to have something

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