Apple 's An Old Traditional Chinese Proverb

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Apple in Consumer Electronic Industry Jay Patel (Student Id 77154870) Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University “A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den” it’s an old traditional Chinese proverb. The same applies to strategy. In this fast growing and dynamically changing business world a single strategic plan won’t suffices lifetime for any industry. To be strategic means to have a foresight. Defining an objective and achieving it by going against the hurdles. It is difficult for an organisation to foresee into the future in this rapidly changing business world, problems such as globalisation, rigid organisational structures, new regulations every now and then, complex alliance and partnership. There are many different definitions for strategy. What I understand about Strategy is that it’s a long term directive to an organisation. Corporate strategy is termed as finding organisational objectives and goals and planning and action to achieve those objectives. Strategic planning is done by organisations keeping in mind few main areas. One is the external environment of the organisation is unpredictable, any new rules and regulation can be imposed. Next is an internal resource of the organisation, before making any future plans organisation must consider its internal resources. And thinking before adding new values to organisation to what it is today. (Clegg, 2011) Who would have thought in 1997 that Apple computers would be the most innovate company in the

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