Apple 's Supply Chain Management

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Apple supply chain management is based on its ability to quickly adapt to change. Apple strong supply chain leads the company to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. Apple is very fast to deliver products with high demand. Apple is considered one of the highest and best performing supply chain around the world. This report was written to learn best practices of Apple Supply Chain and apply them to Walmart 32nd St. I discovered that Apple’s supply chain is very simple and efficient. Apple does not spend a lot of money on storage since they produce as demand comes and distribute products the fast as possible, this helps the company to reduce inventory costs. Apple is a sustainable company that recycles its products and …show more content…

Recycling is a big part of the supply chain management process and it also help to reduce costs. Apple threats are the competitors, constant innovation and technology. Apple continues to innovate and to ensure that all resources are updated to have and produce the best quality products. There are over 1 billion of Apple products that are use around the world, with the iPhone being the most popular product.

Apple Current Supply Chain Overview
Sourcing Manufacturing Warehousing Distribution Return

Sourcing: Apple source materials from different providers. Apple manufactures its products in China, then the products are shipped through UPS and FEDEX that handle online sales, and supply warehouses around the globe. Apple has multiple distribution centers from retail stores to network carries.
Manufacturing: Apple manufactures its products in other countries where labor is cheaper. Apple uses innovate technology that makes labor easier, quicker and at lower costs.
Warehousing: Apple orders are based on need, and online orders are separate and usually shipped as they are ready, online order do not require a warehousing.
Distributions: Apple products are sold by other distributors, more than 30 % of sales revenue is generated through network carrier distribution centers. Apple has retail stores distributed around the U.S and the world.
Return: Apple succeed is due to its flexibility to let

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