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New Era University COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 9 Central Avenue, Quezon City, 1015 Philippines A CASE STUDY PROJECT IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN ORGANIZATION Apple’s Beethoven Presented to the Faculty of College of Business Administration and to PROFESSOR Mevelin D. Cabotage, MBA Professorial Lecturer In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MAJOR IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT Villarama Jhoenathan I. 17 March 2013 Introduction Apple computer was about to be considered obsolete and go the way of so many other companies before it if did not adapt to the new age like Polaroid missing the start of the…show more content…
Steve exhibited extremely good creative-thinking skills. He had the rare gift of knowing what the general public wanted, even before they realized they wanted it. He was also quite ruthless when it came to adopting other technology (some would prefer to call it "stealing"). While many other companies are known for doing the same types of practices, Apple seems to be one of the most obvious examples. Steve Jobs was never shy about his adoption of other technology. His basic copying of Xerox 's PARC technology was even explained in a candid interview as him taking their technology, improving it a bit and selling it to more people. He seemed to be able to take good ideas, modify them a bit, and sell them to a much larger audience. His marketing abilities were probably his best skill. The logo itself has become an icon and a symbol that means much more than a mere computer. Apple, with its core (no pun intended) fans have developed a relationship that mirrors very few other organizations. Like Harley Davidson is to motorcycles, Apple is to digital devices. His task motivation was the sleek, modern, streamlined look of both hardware and software. The devices they made were easy to use for newcomers and owning an Apple product became a status symbol based on more than just a premium price. Personalities Involved Steve Jobs - Creator and President of Apple Inc. Steve Wozniak - Jobs ' partner and main computer builder and programmer of the early Apple I and

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