Apple's Marketing Strategy

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Apple Marketing Strategy Introduction The Apple Inc. is a company that is technologically oriented and designs, produces and sells merchandise that have to do with the Computer, Music and Mobile-phone sectors. Apple is known to stand out and easily identifiable through the brand-perception and identification of the brand among all other players within the same industry. In the recent years, Apple has grown to be more of a cult-brand owing this achievement to iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines. The goal of the company in the short-term is to see the recently innovated iPad grow to the fullest potential in terms of sales iPad as it is considered the most innovative web-browser in the contemporary market. One thing that stands out in Apple is the minimized bureaucracies, coupled with the massive startup and an engineering inclined culture, the company is headed for a long term expansion. The corporation is also known to respect and take good care of the employees. The structure of the organization is such that there are no numerous product management, but has small project teams that are driven by engineers to ensure the company runs smoothly (Business Insider, 2011). Marketing strategy and new product management One factor that the company uses to penetrate the market is the fact that Apple deals in a variety of products, those of outstanding importance are the iPhone, laptops, desktop computers, the iPad, iPods and services like offering the iTunes. This way, the company

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