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Why have you applied to become staff?

I wanna be Staff because of two words I care.

All the work that I do, I am always working to my best abilities. I have never let down someone in the community, who is unable to attend to their needs and is in need for someone to be capable with them and understand them. I am very efficient and experienced, when I do my work. I always get it done and do it fast, but understand as I'm going through it. I show great amount of respect and responsibility when it comes to working for something that needs trust. From the 2-3 years that I have worked, for every single community that I have worked with, I am bound to not let down any single person. There are many reasons I want to become a Archon Helper. As …show more content…

Being "that person" the community seeks for help is something I strive for in all situations, real or gaming. When it comes to The Archon specifically, over the past couple years I've been on the server I've come to love the community and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Now it is my chance to provide that same love and support back in a new role as potential staff. As you can see in my application I show sooo much dedication to servers and I can't wait to play will y'all and I hope I can be accepted! Love you all have a good day !Yea

Why should we accept you?

Here are my good attributes:

Helpful: There's no point into becoming one if you don't know how to help I can't help but help! I am constantly responding to people's questions in chat and message - which clearly makes the users day. I really enjoy helping out others and I would say this is most definitely my strong trait. I am more than glad to help users build and start in their island.

Trustworthy: I am a person a stranger can trust. I dislike lying - it's not right. Telling the truth is a really important thing, it shows how reliable you are. People will count on you - and that's why I am here. This can benefit the server hugely. As many people will feel safe speaking to me. Knowing that I won't tell anyone if asked too. I can withhold secrets extremely well without speaking a word - no matter whom.

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