Application Essay To Phi Theta Kappa

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Attending the upcoming international conference will help me grow, both culturally and intellectually. I do not have many opportunities to travel, and I feel that this will be a great chance for me to expand my world, and learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.
I believe that learning from this trip will help me to better serve my chapter and my school. This experience will help me learn more about Phi Theta Kappa, and what I can do to improve my chapter. I have lived in my own little bubble for far to long, I need this chance to spread myself out, and really learn about other people and places. This experience would be very rewarding for me, and help me to expand my horizons.
I would love this opportunity to be involved with Phi Theta Kappa This will be an excellent way for me to meet other Phi Theta Kappa members. I can get to know more people in similar situations to my own, I can learn from them, and maybe they can learn from me. As a college student I feel that it is my responsibility to do everything that I can to make the most of all learning experiences, so I can not in good conscience let this chance slip by.
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I would love to go, but if I do not get the scholarship I do not think that I can. If I don't get the travel scholarship this time, then I will have to wait for another chance, and try again.
I know my essay is not very long and I am not the best writer in the world, but I did write it, and that is hopefully more than most members can say about themselves. I can only hope that I have convinced whoever is reading this, that I deserve the travel scholarship. I have no way to ensure that I am selected over someone else, for all I know they deserve it more, but it is worth trying, and I do love to give things like this my best
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