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I mold my passion into zealous dreams and single-mindedly pursue them. From the early days of tinkering with my mini mechanic set to the recent ones of improving the efficiency of solar cells, I have pursued varied interests, with my learning graph seeing a continuous positive increase. Every single conquest has carved its niche into my personality and helped me identify my career path.

Art is an exacting field. It demands precision, tolerance and imagination. I learned patience and dedication when I bent over drawings and portraits for years, while trying to match them perfectly with the picture in my mind's eye. Several hours of practice a day for many years on vocal and instrumental music made me realize the benefits of hard work and …show more content…

As an alternative solution, I also proposed integrating a piezoelectric sensor in the wheel hub. The sensor would generate a signal pattern based on deformation or strain, and this would give us greater insight into the forces and moments occurring during locking. Both solutions were well received by my mentor, and my final presentation was highly appreciated by the team.

For our undergraduate project, we chose to work on something that excited the group intellectually - energy efficient thermal processes. We addressed the problem of high cell temperatures in solar photovoltaic panels by developing a unique cooling technology that increased their efficiency. The project won the First Prize in the annual project exhibition held by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We recorded the surface temperatures and current outputs for an experimental and a reference solar panel at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bangalore. The experimental panel was cooled using a ceramic Cordierite honeycomb structure as the cooling module fitted to its rear face and water as the coolant. The cooling mechanism is based on the principle of a ‘ceramic heat pipe wick’

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