Reflection Essay : ' Rent 's Due Art Boy '

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Reflection journal Essay
Sculpture, the thing I never knew I was good at. Two semesters ago I met a very strong woman, and she opened up a part of me that I had mostly given up on. The part of me I had given up on over a decade ago was my artistic side. I simply felt that it was a waste of time to spend hours perfecting something that would most likely never make me money. Also, I would look at the multitude of staving artists online, and consider how much better they were than myself, and how even the most talented artist starves from time to time. Have you ever heard the phrase “rent’s due art boy”. Well I got tired of hearing it, and went to drafting school. It wasn’t until this last semester, in my 19th century art history course, that I learned that most of my favorite artists started out as draftsmen, but we will talk about that later. Until recently, I had forgotten that i actually enjoyed the peacefulness of the artistic process. I had forgotten that during this process I tended to become very focussed and all of my life’s daily problems seemed to fade away. I met my art teacher Alicja Mannix in my sculpture class, and wasn’t sure how well I would do. She was from Poland, and still had her European accent intact. Her accent reminded me of my Grandmother Tesse, on my step mother’s side. She was also from poland. Anyways, the closest thing I had done to sculpture in my life was a few pottery items at my local Boys Club in Portland, Oregon. I had made a

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