Application For The Post Of A Learning Disability Clinician At Hillingdon Camhs Initiative

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I wish to apply for the post of a Learning Disability Clinician at Hillingdon CAMHS initiative because: • Helping children thrive, progress and achieve is more than just a job for me-it 's a calling; • The post will enable me to reach out more children and their families, and to utilise my professional expertise in order to make meaningful and socially significant contributions to their lives; • The work experience I will gain as part of a supportive team, dedicated to providing evidence-based applied services within a multi-disciplinary therapeutic framework, will also provide me with invaluable continuing professional development opportunities; • Last, but not least, as a practitioner with over 8 years ' experience of delivering …show more content…

My clients have predominantly been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders; however I have also gained significant clinical experience working with children with Down 's syndrome, ADHD, and social communication disorders. • The majority of my clients have displayed mild to moderate challenging behaviours (e.g. self-injurious behaviour, physical and/or vocal aggression, property destruction, pica, eating problems, sleep problems, over-selectivity, phobias, stereotypy), with some of my clients engaging in severe self-injurious and/or assaultive behaviour towards staff, peers and significant others. • Having worked in such highly dynamic and demanding settings, I have built strong physical and psychological resilience. Remaining calm in crisis is another key skill I have developed. This has enabled me to stay focused, dynamically risk-assess problematic situations and safely and professionally deal with challenging behaviours on daily basis. • As an ABA programme supervisor, I have gained in-depth experience in designing individualised behaviour change programmes and monitoring clients ' progress on ongoing basis. All treatment programmes have targeted a variety of socially significant behaviours, and have been based on data driven results from baseline and

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