Application Of A Service For Managing A Mail Center

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Mail Services
10. Does your company have direct experience in managing a mail center? If so, please describe the type and brand of equipment your staff has experience in managing and maintaining for these services. (907)
Yes, SPS has decades of direct experience in managing mail centers across the world. We provide our clients with a full range of high quality and cost-effective mail management solutions to support the strategic direction of your organization. Our complete mail center outsourcing programs provide fast, accurate, and efficient delivery of your important information, and allow you to optimize your operation.
As previously stated, SPS is an agnostic provider of technology solutions, which allows us flexibility to incorporate existing systems that are in place, or provide recommendations for introduction or replacement. At most of our large volume shipping clients we work with a variety of Integrated Shipping systems including EnterpriseIQ, PS Ship, Neopost, Send Suite, Pitney Bowes, etc. that provide Real-Time Rate shopping, End of Day closeout, International Shipping, Detailed Packing Slips, etc.
11. Please confirm that you have one or more staff that can lift 100 or more pounds and perform one or more mail runs per day around an office location.
SPS diligently works to meet client requirements and we are accustomed to the heavy-lifting needs that arise daily in a mailroom/shipping operation. As such, we ensure our staff is in a position to perform the

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