Application Of Advanced High Strength Dual Phase Essay

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Reducing the fuel consumption and as a result reducing the amount of emissions which is achieved by car weight reduction and besides passenger safety and crashworthiness improvement via mechanical energy absorption are the main goals of car manufactures. Application of advanced high-strength dual phase (DP) steels is being considered as one of the efficient ways to obtain the above mentioned goals [1-3]. (DP) steels have attracted considerable attention in the automotive industry due to favorable combination formability, work hardening, ductility and high strength to weight ratio [4]. The mentioned features is resulted from the unit microstructure of the DP steels. DP steels despite their name consist of three or more phases including ferrite, martensite, banite, retained austenite and pearlite. The Matrix in DP steels is soft ferrite and the strengthening phase is martensite. In some cases banite and retained austenite also contribute to strengthening. Ferrite enables low initial yielding stress and martensite enables the high ultimate tensile strength (UTS). The above characteristics make the DP steels ideal alloy systems for automotive sheet-forming operations [5].
Phase fractions and their interfaces and morphology have a great influence on strength and ductility of DP steels.[6] yield and tensile strength of DP steel can significantly improved by microstructural refinement without losing the uniform elongation and fracture strain which will result in

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