Application Of Client For Service As A Helping Professional

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As a helping professional it is imperative to be aware of the kind of client that may be most challenging to work with. The kind of challenge or problem that a client may bring would be one that causes distress to the provider. An example of that type of client would be a mother who has dealt with child abuse or any abuse as a child. The problem would stem from a client, as such who often physically abuses her children. The characteristics of this client in terms of how they behave may also cause a challenge, because the mother may display overly aggressive behavior to her children because of her past child abuse trauma. Also, if the is mother overly dependent on a substance to refrain from being aggressive and abusive to her children, would be consider another challenge with this kind of a client. I believe this kind of client would be challenging to service as a helping professional, because of the problems the children are forced experience. As a helping professional there is great compassion for the children in this situation. The client would be challenging because she is aggressive and offensive to her children and herself. This harm is caused to the client and her children, because the mother has not dealt with the internal issue of her past childhood abuse trauma. This condition would be beyond challenging because the mother is only causing the same issue for her children. Guiding the mother on how she has to address her problems physically and mentally in

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