Dealing with the Client

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ACHIEVEMENT RESULTS INSTRUCTIONS Client One The first necessary response would involve finding a way to help the client adequately deal with the levels of stress that he's experiencing. Once the client finds healthy ways of relieving stress, he'll be in a much stronger place to deal with a host of other stressors. For example, the sports teams that this teenager participates on seem to be causing him more stress than it's relieving. This is a sign of how intense his circumstances are right now. Exercise and team sports generally help individuals, particularly teenage boys, and blow off steam and de-stress. However, this appears to be having the opposite impact on him. Engaging in activities like art therapy, or hitting a punching bag or going for hikes alone are all possible options for helping this young man relieve stress. Furthermore, this young man needs to be commended for his lofty goals and for having strong objectives in his life. He needs to see these goals as a sense of inspiration and feel good about who he is for setting them. However, he needs to know that he's putting a lot of pressure on himself, and that must be very difficult. On the one hand, he needs to know that even if he does nail the SATs, he might still not be accepted to Yale, as it's simply a very competitive school. He needs to have other schools picked out, and he needs to know that he can have a happy life and college experience going to any of them. Furthermore, the practical issue of
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