Application Of Modern Ministry Settings

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Application to Modern Ministry Settings Many of the laws concerning justice and righteousness do not seem to be directly relatable to our culture today. For this reason, it is necessary to extract from the text of the Mosaic Law principles that can be employed in modern Christian ministry settings. The primary motivation for doing acts of justice and righteousness is the same today as it was for the nation of Israel. God has shown his grace to us and rescued us from our oppressors; he has worked on our behalf. The imagery of the crossing of the Red Sea as an escape from Egypt is a depiction of Christian baptism whereby we are moved from slavery to sin and into a new life with God en route to our Promised Land. In baptism we are called into complete unity with Christ, and our participation in Christ is regularly deepened as we encounter him in the Eucharist. The grace and love that we have been shown by God in Christ motivates us to behave in like manner in the world. The purpose for doing acts of justice and righteousness remains the same as well. As a nation set apart by God, the Israelites were uniquely called to reveal the nature of God both within the community and to the surrounding nations. They were called to be God’s agents of justice and righteousness on earth; ministers through which God sanctifies the world. The call to holiness is as essential to the new covenant as it was to the old. In doing acts of justice and righteousness the Church is made

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