Ministry Practicum Experience Paper

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` This paper is the final results of my internship ministry practicum II experiences reflection in my church organization work settings and training. My experiences from different areas of exposure sharpened my skills for my professional role of the Doctor of Ministry Program in the theological field of counseling and teaching. My ministry practicum consists of direct involvements with hands-on, real-life interactions under the supervision of my Supervisor, Chaplain Andrea Fletcher. This Comprehensive Written Review analyzes the full spectrum of my observation and participation in tasks from my Ministry Learning Agreement Form. The opportunity allowed me to view other leaders in ministry exercising their gift and in turns
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Information from chapter one comprised of a summary of my assignments reports from the various ministries served and class discussions post. Moving forward to chapter two talks more of the vast amount of lessons learned through the five goals and the effectiveness of actual hands-on application: the practice of communication, pastoral-spiritual care, the practice of leadership, engaging diversity, and handling conflict. There were target events in each goal setting subject. For example, in communication, my target events were in small groups, classes, writings of creative activities curriculum, and counseling. In this process, my practice skills supported an audience of women, youth both boys and girls, and children. The area of pastoral-spiritual care involved Bible studies, home visits, hospital and nursing homes visits, grieving family visits, and prison ministry visits with the Children of Inmates Program. The practice of leadership comprises of attending events, training, and assisting in various ministries in need. Engaging diversity involved observing other ministry leaders engaging in a large church congregation, speaking at women's breakfast or functions, speaking at funeral services, and assisting in the planning of funeral with family members. Handling conflict dealt with counseling of premarital sessions, marriage counseling sessions, counseling child abuse sessions, counseling drug addiction session, counseling depression with childhood sexual abuse sessions and assisting with crisis individuals seeking assistance through the resources at our church Peacemakers office. Consequently, chapter three describes the most life changing events causing major setbacks in this journey of my calling and the solutions involved. Chapter four detailed some specifics on the results of my self-analysis test. Some of the shared data comprised of personal
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