Application Of Software Testing For Software Engineering

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Software testing is an important activity in software engineering, as it is used for examining the quality or capability of a software and conforms that it meets the desired output. There are several methods to do software testing, but testing a complex software efficiently is the process of investigating thoroughly, it is not like to follow a procedure or method merely. In complex software it is not possible to discover all the errors. In testing, this type of complex software always creates problem for tester and throws open questions like, “what would be the best strategy that we should follow?” Also, selecting a strategy is important decision as selecting right strategy will allow tester to work effectively and efficiently. In this paper I have discussed various software testing strategies which are helpful in finding errors effectively and efficiently.1
‘Keywords: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Validation Testing, System Testing.’ 4

1. Introduction

In software engineering, software testing is an important activity.2 Software testing is a set of activity which is performed to find errors in a software product and also, it conforms that the product is working effectively with no bugs in it. Software testing means not only to discover errors but it also makes sure that before releasing product to the market whether it is working according to the specifications or not, whether it meets the user requirements or not. Software tester ensures that the…
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