Application Of Theory : Low Morale Among Staff Members

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Application of Theory: Low Morale among Staff Members Nursing theories are defined as a systematic review of a phenomenon that consist of interconnected concepts. Theories can be classified in four categories: metatheory, grand theory, middle range theory, and situation-specific theory or by purpose. They are useful tools for reasoning, critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving in nursing practice. Theory provides the framework to a nurse’s professional practice, research, and education; furthermore, it guides nursing in defining its own professional limits or boundaries. Most nursing theories gravitate or focus on patient care and determine the best way to improve patient outcomes, quality of care, or nursing practice. Nursing theories address the many questions that challenge administrators, nursing managers or leaders on daily basis.
Jean Watson developed the Watson’s human science and human care theory from 1975 to 1979 (Hood, 2012); this theory is broad enough to be applied to any area of nursing. The reason for choosing this nursing theory was due to the incorporation of science and humanity; her theory provides a framework for the study of caring that has served as a foundation for many nursing research studies and she relentlessly indorses and develops her theories. For example, she proposed the use of the term “caritas” to promote a deeper form of caring for the nursing profession. One of the main characteristics of nursing is caring, which…
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