Application for Graduate Program in Mechanical Enginnering for Standard University

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I am Udit, a research fellow in Shock Tunnel Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. I obtained Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2012. I find myself fascinated by the fields of Gas Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. I am particularly interested in the areas of derivative fuels, combustion analysis and design of combustion chamber. It is in this context that I am applying for graduate studies towards MS/PhD in Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University. I look forward to imbibe from the best, which had prompted me to apply to Stanford University, having had this opportunity with the best in India.

During my freshman year, I joined the Data Acquisition team …show more content…

This internship helped me to gain insight into the modeling and simulations of real world mechanisms. I also learnt that a great deal of persistence is required in obtaining substantial results in research. I am keen on complementing my undergraduate research experience by gaining a more in-depth understanding of these aspects of _________ in my future studies.

With an aspiration to explore more in various aspects of Mechanical Engineering, I took elective courses in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Combustion Engineering, I. C. Engines, Finite Element Methods and Design of Fluid Machinery. In later, I opted for a course project on design of turbine blade profiles to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. I investigated flow angles for various flows like free & forced vortex, power blading to design the 3D blade profiles in SolidWorks.

My interest and work in heat transfer continued into my final year B.Tech project. I worked on development of design charts of cryostats for my undergraduate thesis. I performed a finite volume analysis of liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium cryostats using ANSYS to analyze heat loss through various insulations and thermal stresses experienced by cryostat body. I developed data charts to design cryostats of given capacity and boil-off rate for

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