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The first decade of 21st century will be remembered for the incredible advancement in the electronics. A decade ago there were televisions which occupied a large table whereas the present day flat screen LCD or LED televisions can be hung to a wall. The desktops are replaced by laptops and which in turn are replaced most recently by the tablets. This reduction in the size of electronic gadgets with increase in working efficiency over the years amazed me. Hence naturally, I grew up with a passion towards this field and this passion led me to choose Electronics and Communication Engineering as my undergrad course. The field of electrical & electronics engineering has always fascinated me. I picked up the rudiments of electronics field and electrical engineering. My interest started developing in the early stage of my life, when I studied about the invention of computers, moreover about its large size. The transformation from the large size to small palmtops enticed me to know about the factors that are responsible for making computers, also the electronic gadgets so small. I was taken aback after seeing a small chip for the first time in my school days, furthermore when it came to my knowledge that this single chip contains more than 1000 transistors, it really became impossible for me to believe, “integrated circuits” was the answer I received, but wasn’t able to penetrate the fundamentals of it. From then, everyday I come across with small circuits

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