Application of Biometrics Science beyond Home Security

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1.1 Background Biometrics science is automatic techniques of identifying a human being based on either a behavior vise or physic vise characteristic. Biometric technologies are of many kind such as dynamic signature verification,/iris scanning, DNA recognition, face-shape identification, voice recognition and fingerprint validation. Biometric identification is more powerful to lower technology identification techniques in common use today – likely passwords, key, cards, tokens, PIN numbers and smart cards. In exisisting system PINs (personal identification numbers) were one of the first identifiers object to offer automated identification. Although, this means of identification of the PIN, not necessarily recognition of the person who has entered it. The same thing can be applied with cards and other tokens. The token is the easiest way to recognize the person but the problem with this technology is that it can be present by anybody, i.e. we cannot be sure that token is provided by authentic person only. So, we can say the primary use of physical objects or behaviors based on memory has a large set of problems and limitations. The other problems with objects are often lost or stolen and a behavior based on memory is easily forgotten. Even Identity cannot be guaranteed, privacy cannot assume and inappropriate use cannot be assured or denied. Biometrics science is expected to be emerged in solutions such as to provide for Home Security which also including applications
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