Application of Kotter’s Change Theory in a Christian Organization

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Application of Kotter’s change theory in a Christian Organization Aubrey Malphurs rightly observes that comparing to other periods of time in history, the larger part of the world is bursting with change; accelerated, tremendous transformation. He calls it megachange. As expected, influenced every organization – enterprise, politics, school house and of course the church. This megachange, makes people desperately to look for a secure place to keep changes away; a kind of safe heavenly place where the past will dwell forever. Robert Dale put it in this way: “Change, often viewed as a threat to traditional forms of faith, causes some churches to sprint frantically back into the past in search of security”. . Unfortunately, more churches preferred to choose the path leading to stagnation and slow death rather than to rise up and to reconsider their unique function in the world. Although Kotter’s eight steps approach can be applied to any institutional change, nevertheless it comes from a secular perspective and mind set. Coming to the Church Organization, the real issue every single spiritual leader has to confront is the dilemma of how secular leadership principles can apply to the spiritual leadership field? However, Kotter provides a good insight for dealing with change in the Church Organization. Let’s see what a spiritual leader can do and how Kotter’s theory of change can be applied at the Church Organization level. One important starting point in dealing with a

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