Applied Sociology Within the Family Essay

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Applied Sociology within the Family Applied sociology is a part of everyday life. Families experience sociological changes when parents get divorced, a new job is taken, or they get discriminated against. Most people may not think of family as a small society, micro level society, within itself. All families have a hierarchy of power beginning with the head of the household which tends to be the father. The way a family forms its own small society is interesting. Family roles have change dramatically. Fifty to sixty years ago, families were merely based on the degree of precision and the roles performed by the parents. Now days the primary family roles which were initially the husband’s responsibility such as income, household repairs,…show more content…
Although a marital relationship begins before any other type of family relationship, this fact does not mean that it is the easiest type to maintain. Gaining and maintaining marital quality involves commitment, communication and certain adjustments for each of the spouses. When the marital status of the parents becomes stressed, the family can experience chaos and complete crises. When this happens, the structure becomes unclear and the overall family becomes unable to function. I find it interesting that the social function of the family can be impacted if only one relationship is broken within the network.
The article “Applying Applied Sociology in the Family” describes the family unit as a micro level society. The micro level is the smallest structure of society, but may be the strongest. Family units consist of small groups of compatible people. Guidelines are established to help control the functions of the family and also help establish behaviors that in turn allow the individual society to be unique. Each family has its own roles that each family member must uphold in order to have a functional unit. The article gives an example of the roles in terms of a hierarchy such as the father being the head of the household and a step down is the mother, a partner to the father (Applied Sociology).
There are also specific characteristics of a family society being socialization, segregation, ritual, and sanctioning. The first trait,
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