Apply Chain Management vs Traditional Mananagement Systens Essay

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A. Approach

The use of information technology by firms that want to gain competitive advantage has increased dramatically in the last twenty years. Large and small firms have been utilizing information systems to connect their internal business functions and the company’s activities to stakeholder such as suppliers and customers. (FORMAN WEB 13). Supply chain management and customer relationship management are some of the many systems used by firms to accomplish the aforementioned functions. Before comparing Supply Chain Management and customer relationship management systems to Tradition Systems, a brief description of Supply chain management and the activities it involves is fully …show more content…

The most succinct definition of customer relationship management is provided by Investopedia, the online dictionary of financial terms. Investsopedia defines CRM as:
“The principles, practices, and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with its customers. From the organization's point of view, this entire relationship not only encompasses the direct interaction aspect, such as sales and/or service related processes, but also in the forecasting and analysis of customer trends and behaviors, which ultimately serve to enhance the customer's overall experience.”
Depali(2012) further describes CRM as an important mechanism that helps firms understand about their customer’s needs and forge a lasting relationship.

According to (FORMAN), “CRM is a business and technology discipline for coordinating all of the firm’s business process in sales marketing and services that involve its interactions with customers. CRM consolidate customer data from multiple sources and communication channels from to help firms identify profitable customers, acquire new customers , improve service and support , and target products and services more precisely to customer preference”. Traditional management systems are characterized by

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