Applying Assessment Results to Clients During the Counseling Process

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Applying assessment results to client is essential is assisting individuals who may be coping with stressful situations. The objective of the skilled professional is to recognize the symptoms of stress and being able to interpret the results of the COPE Assessment Tool as a means of determining the proper methods of treatment during therapeutic work. Upon reviewing the results of completing my personal results, I found that some of the personal responses that were selected from the COPE Inventory were truly related to the situations that have been an ongoing challenge. Some of the data selected was either based on emotional responses or those problem situations which were related to stressful situations that have remained consistent.…show more content…
Helping the client overcome their fears about counseling is the first step in facilitating a healthy relationship. Setting the expectations of the (CRI) is essential so that the client has a clear understanding of the process. It is also the responsibility of the skilled professional to provide feedback and maintain open lines of communication to avoid any confusion the client may exhibit. Skilled professionals must exhibit passion, present a warm-hearted friendly and affectionate manner and be empathetic to the clients’ needs. The objective in administering the (CRI) is to support the clients’ situation by exploring the reasons that have caused the client to feel the way they do. Exploring the lives of the client through actively communicating with those seeking treatment will provide the necessary information in which can be applied to providing alternative measures of treatment to individuals. Utilizing the proper interventions is crucial in order to provide the proper treatment plan. Intervention is the focus in any helping relationship and is usually determined based on the skilled professionals focusing on something that exists in the life of the client. “Focusing on what may be present or something that the client has not paid full attention to or something that the client is not yet aware of yet are all essential
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