Confidentiality And Confidentiality Of Confidentiality Essay

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Confidentiality is considered a core value or principal in the medical practice. Confidentiality is a right that all people have within the medical field. This is the requirement of health care providers to keep a person’s information exclusive unless the patient or the person consents in the form of a release to share that information with other people that practice. Usually the consent is given when a doctor wants to consult with a different doctor for example. In this case it would be for the betterment of the person.
When it comes to confidentiality there are rules that one has to follow in order to abide by the person’s rights. Using caution when talking to others about the client who want to obtain information that they are not at liberty to have. An example of this would be someone claiming to be a patient’s friend wanting a room number in the hospital to go visit them. Confidentiality is a very delicate situation in the practicing field of professionals.
Literature Review
Confidentiality can still be a problem, especially in a world filled with technology. When you can click a button and all a clients’ information and history is sitting waiting in the inbox. The further that society progresses the more people rely on the technology. Technology has pros and cons, but could using it to directly work with patients or clients be a breach of confidentiality? According to a study done by Marian Mattison “Many known ethical and legal threats to client

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