Confidentiality : Concept Analysis And Clinical Application

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Confidentiality is a concept of vast importance for professionals in the medical field. It is a professional obligation in this field and is considered to be an ethical concept that falls in line with integrity, compassion, veracity, charity, and fidelity as explained in both the International Council of Nurses Code for Nurses (1973) and the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics (1985). However, in today’s ever growing world of technology and demand for information, challenges continue to arise that force doctors and nurses to reexamine virtues such as confidentiality. In the article, “Confidentiality: Concept analysis and clinical application”, author Winifred Ellenchild, examines confidentiality from both a theoretical perspective using concept analysis and through the use of a clinically based empirical investigation. The author compared the two approaches and discussed the features, credentials, costs, empirical referents, and implications for clinical practice. The results discussed in the article are those provided through a research project involving participants’ definitions of confidentiality and confidentiality issues. To begin the understanding of confidentiality, the author first provided readers with a formal concept analysis on confidentiality. He explained how confidentiality did not truly become a concept of interested until 1961, when the general nursing guides made a small mention related to the concept in regards to privileged

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